Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tuesday Technique with Brenshevia- Washi Tape

Hello everyone, welcome the next installment of Tuesday Technique!  Actually I guess its Thursday Technique as I am a couple of days late!  LOL  As we all know Washi Tape seems to be newest scrapbooking fad that’s taking flight. I am not one usually to follow fads but I like the look it adds to your pages so I figured why not give it a try. Several years ago when I first started scrapping I bought this “how to” book that showed lots of different techniques for adding depths to your pages. One technique was using packing tape to transfer pictures onto the tape and then onto your pages. So I thought if this could work for pictures why not for paper? So I gave it a try. Here is what you need to try it out also:

1. Regular scotch tape (you can even use the dollar store brand)
2. Scraps of patter pattern papers
3. Bone folder
4. Bowl of water
5. Scissors

Step 1: Cut your pattern papers the size of the tape and whatever length you desire, I think it measures about ¾ inches in width. Its ok if your tape isn’t perfectly aligned or just the right size of the tape, it will all come out in the “wash” get it? LOL.

Step 2: Cover paper strips with Scotch tape, use your bone folder to make sure the paper is securely attached to the tape. As you do this the paper will start to curl (see photo below).

Step 3: Once you have completed step 2, place the strip(s) in a bowl of water for about 20-30 seconds, or longer if need be. Let it soak in the water until back of paper feels soft enough to rub off.

Step 4: While still submerged in water, turn the strip of paper over and peel off the back of paper with your fingers. Use your fingertips or thumb to rub off the white part of the paper backing under the water until ALL of the white paper backing is gone.

Complete these steps with each sheet of your strips of pattern papers. When you are done you will have your own virtually cost free washi tape! Aren't they adorable?

Make sure you let them dry completely before adhering to your projects. You can trim the ends at an angle to make it look more like tape, the possibilities are endless!

Make sure you join us next week  for our Blog Hop so you can see how I used them on a project!

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